Precautions for Concealed Sprinklers
  • Date:2023-06-10
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1. Firstly, carefully read the installation manual of the shower;
2. Measure the dimensions left, right, up, and down to determine the optimal location for installing the sprinkler;
3. Based on the specific height, mark the appropriate height for the installation of the sprinkler on the wall;
4. Drill holes on the wall according to the marked positions;
5. Tighten the circular bottom cover of the accessory to the wall with screws, ensuring that it is tightened to prevent the shower from falling off in future use;
6. Install the shower rod onto the wall, first stabilize the fixing point on the top, and then fix the position below;
7. After screwing in all the internal angle screws of the fixed point above, make detailed adjustments;
8. Tighten the hose of the shower and install the handheld shower.
Precautions for installing shower:
(1) Determine the installation height of the shower. Showers are mainly divided into concealed and exposed ones. The installation height of concealed sprinklers is 2.1 meters from the Centre-to-centre distance of the concealed wall outlet to the ground, and 1.1 meters from the Centre-to-centre distance of the shower switch to the ground. Surface mounted sprinklers are generally defined by the water surface of the sprinklers, and the installation height of the sprinklers should preferably be 2 meters from the ground. It can be adjusted according to the height of the family during actual installation.
(2) Protect hardware such as faucets. When tightening the faucet, a thick cloth or plastic film can be wrapped around the screw cap of the faucet to prevent it from being twisted by the wrench.
(3) Pay attention to the internal structure of the wall. Before installation, the location of water and electrical circuits can be marked on the wall to avoid breaking the water pipes during drilling.
(4) Determine the hole spacing and height of hot and cold water. The distance between the cold and hot water center holes of shower faucets in the general market is 15 centimeters, and there are two S joints inside. The distance can be adjusted appropriately, and the error cannot exceed 1 centimeter.
Precautions for concealed shower:
(1) Be sure to embed it in the water and electricity renovation, that is, purchase a shower and deliver it to the decoration site before the construction of the water and electricity renovation.
(2) Concealed installation should be carried out according to the instructions, and some concealed sprinklers may have special requirements.
(3) Because the valve core of the faucet needs to be buried inside the wall, attention should be paid to the thickness of the bathroom wall. It is not advisable to bury the valve core in a place where the wall is too thin, as this cannot be done well. When burying the valve core, be careful not to remove the protective cover of the valve core to protect the faucet valve core. When burying the valve core, pay attention to the direction of the valve core up, down, left, and right to avoid burying it incorrectly.
(4) Be sure to waterproof the bottom of the slotted part to prevent leakage or condensation from the embedded part of the sprinkler, which may affect the wall.

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