How to achieve a minimalist concealed shower?
  • Date:2023-08-03
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More and more families are choosing concealed products, which was not a common installation method in the past. In the past two years, there have been more and more friends who like minimalist styles. They choose concealed showerheads and faucets, which not only look simple and atmospheric, take up less space, but also clean without blind spots.
At what stage of decoration should concealed sprinklers be installed?
Concealed sprinklers and faucets should be considered during the design phase. Shortly after the start of construction, pipelines need to be buried in the water and electricity stage, so I suggest that everyone choose their own concealed sprinkler before starting work to avoid delaying the construction period due to improper consideration. When installing a sprinkler, the first thing to confirm is the installation position of the sprinkler. Once the position is determined, it cannot be moved because the water pipe and valve core need to be embedded in advance. Shower rooms generally have a width of at least 90CM, which allows for easy rotation of the shower and can be cramped if the size is reduced. Secondly, the height between the mixing valve and the ground is generally adjusted within the range of 90CM-100CM based on one's own height. The installation position of the top spray should also consider the way the glass door of the shower room is opened. The Sliding door will not affect the top spray. If it is an internal sliding door, you should also consider whether the door will hit the top spray. There are many details. Before installation, everyone can simulate the height and door opening method of the bathroom to ensure accurate positioning and avoid rework caused by incorrect positioning in the later stage.
What are the advantages of concealed products compared to open ones?
In helping users from pre embedding concealed shower pipes and sizes to final product installation and acceptance, compared to the top spray with a fixed and well matched surface shower, concealed installation is more inclusive in choosing shower nozzles and provides a better shower experience. Concealed shower heads do not need to be fixed in one position. They can be installed on walls, ceiling tops, and other positions according to everyone's installation preferences and habits. The pipes are all inside the wall, and no matter how they are laid out, it will not affect the appearance outside the wall.
3. Is the concealed sprinkler damaged and needs to be repaired by smashing the wall?
The main difference between exposed and concealed sprinklers is whether the mixing valve is inside or outside the wall, the concealed valve core is inside the wall, and the cold and hot water pipes are both inside the wall. Therefore, if it is a problem with the water pipes, there is no difference in maintenance methods between exposed and concealed installations. If it is simply a hidden core component valve core issue, choose one with a warranty. If there is a problem, you can ask a professional technician to come and disassemble, inspect, and replace it. In addition to concealed sprinklers and faucets, we can also consider wall mounted toilets in a minimalist and corner free bathroom, freeing up more space and making cleaning more convenient. There's no need to worry about drainage and load-bearing, it's okay. The only thing to note is that the water tank supporting the wall toilet needs to be pre installed in advance, which also needs to be pre embedded in the water and electricity stage.

Precautions for Concealed Sprinklers